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  • Automatic Control
    Change the analog control unit to the digital device,
    and by using a microprocessor for controlling the process.
    Automatic Control
  • Security Infra
    We apply integrated security solutions fitting the types,
    features and characteristics of the building for individual security system requiring high technologies
    of interconnection and interlocking with expected security scenarios..
    Security Infra
  • IDC Infra
    Internet Data Center (IDC: Internet Data Center) is where the agency is operating,
    and managing enterprise servers and communications equipment to provide Internet services.
    State-of-the-art facilities for equipment management and security systems, the network is configured..
    IDC Infra
  • Mechanical Equipment
    To provide a cleaner environment and give life to architectural
    structures and production sites, and this is the machinery construction..
    Mechanical Equipment
  • CCTV
    Selection of an optimum location of the security system in accordance
    with the nature of the building, type and purpose is to establish a system for
    issuing security best effect and at the same time proposed to build..