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Security Infra

Security System


Integrated Security Solutions


We apply integrated security solutions fitting the types, features and characteristics of the building for individual security system requiring high technologies of interconnection and interlocking with expected security scenarios.

  • School Security solution
  • Product Line Security solution
  • Factory Security solution
  • Warehouse Security solution
  • Building Security solution

CCTV System

Selection of an optimum location of the security system in accordance with the nature of the building, type and purpose is to establish a system for issuing security best effect and at the same time proposed to build.

    1. Main CCTV System
  • VMS(Video management System)-based CCTV security solutions
    Designing and constructing a network-based system as the world number one developer of VMS systems MILESTONE's VMS system.
    It is feature by available with smart specialization and implemented the security system of the highest grade by building an infrared sensor, a voice signal transfer, Server and client-based system.
  • Remote control based on a "fast track CCTV RAIL system"
    - There are risks and hazards are detected at high speed remote control and monitoring system that can go directly to track.
    - The factory furnaces and cash register of the shopping center
    - Between high rack and box of Material Production line of Factory and finished products storage warehouse
    - Between high rack and box
  • CCTV MULTI building monitoring system
    Multi cube system Using A/V matrix, Wall controller, Total control system is capable of implementation of centralized monitoring and heterogeneous system works.

Front Door Entrance Security and Identification System

  • Speed gate system
    Enhencing the access controls of outsiders and insiders interlocking with the access control system.
  • Metal detector system
    Strengthening the management of information security articles such as the transfer management of products, metallic finished products and semi-finished products/raw materials and movable HDD.
  • X-ray navigator system
    Supplying and constructing high-tech system for the surveillance of theft and information security articles/bringing dangerous goods/export in additional to metallic protection articles.

Parking control and Guidance System

A system as a security measure for vehicles entering inside the place of business, a vulnerable target of security incidents and data privacy disclosure, which permits only pre-authorize and registered vehicles to enter in General Affairs /HR/Security sector.

  • A system proposing an alternative for unknown errors with dual configuration using automatic license plate recognition camera and RFID tag.
  • A variety of solutions for vehicle pass and entrance/exit scanning and blocking has been prepared.
  • Management of visitor : This is the method of permitting entrance/exit after the registration of visiting vehicles in advance, which is a way of entrance/exit by vehicle license plate recognition.
  • A variety of solutions for vehicle pass and entrance/exit scanning and blocking has been prepared.

Intrusion Surveillance System

  • Outside intrusion surveillance System
    By installing infrared sensors in plants or outside the buildings, it prevent external intrusion and material/information protection goods export from the source, and by installing the interlocking with CCTV systems, it can establish measure for the first line security facilities
  • Indoor intrusion surveillance system
    We install intrusion detection sensors inside of the place of business and establish system for anti-theft and facility protection. Like outlying intrusion systems, with CCTV interlocking systems, we can establish system prioritizing the protection of privacy and safety.
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PANIC System

Implementing emergency call systems with built-in emergency call and voice calling features.

    1. Setting location
  • School zoon
  • Shopping Center & Apartment / Basement parking lots
  • An alley & park

Security Film

  • Construction Plan
    - lobby, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor : Wiretapping, eavesdropping prevention and intrusion (bulletproof), a security film construction of the insulation feature
    - 3rd Floor : Wiretapping, eavesdropping prevention and a security film construction of the insulation feature