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정직하고 신뢰할 수 있는 전문가 집단


We are a group of specialists who are honest and trustful and
will create newer value for customers based on stable know-how of foreign
projects as well as domestic projects.

Leewoo Solution Co., Ltd. has successfully proceeded a number
of foreign and domestic projects that customers requested for
a short period of time since its establishment.

We are a group of specialists who have know-how in I.B.S. field and have
made efforts in the customers’ position so that customers’ projects can have
maximum value with minimum costs.

We promise that we will do our best to create a higher added value of the
future with successful performance of projects that customers requested
and with design and construction with expertise.

All directors and employees will put in a great deal of the best effort
in order to give you the belief that once you work with
Leewoo Solution Co., Ltd., you surely will succeed.

We kindly ask you to give us warm encouragement and support for
the future of Leewoo Solution Co., Ltd.

Thank you.

Leewoo Solution Co., Ltd. CEO Woo Sam Ryoul