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Automatic Control

(Programmable Logic Controller)

PLC stands for programmable Logic Controller, refers to a programmable control unit. An electronic control device using a digital, analog input and output modules, having a programmable memory for performing a special function logic, sequence, timer, counter, etc. for controlling the operation function such unit or processor. It has a programmable memory for performing a special function such as a sequence, logic, timers, counters, arithmetic functions using a digital, analog input and output modules for controlling such unit or processor.

  • Highly economical
    Using direct localized semiconductor devices such as LSI, HIC, and there is a small modular by high mount technology continues. The high cost of the hardware itself competitive in the PLC.
  • Excellence in planning
    In the relay panel is needed circuit design, wiring works. The process is shorten by the hardware and Software programmed by a simple command. The high flexibility in that does not the circuit change and wiring.
  • High reliability
    In the relay panel is high incidence of contact due to poor contact of dust and gas. For PLC application, the device is configured as a high reliability because the semiconductor and IC. 높다.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    In the relay panel so it requires considerable heuristic technology to track when the cause of the failure and mechanical work entails a lot of time is required to find fault. In the case of PLC, it has the ability to check the operation display function, display function, and more than Monitoring functions like has excellent characteristics in water-holding ability. .

CIMON PLC Characteristic

- New concept for internet PLC
- It provides a variety of network solutions
- Compact size, yet highly functional, high-performance embedded
- Command execution time shorten by high-speed MPU
- BASE easy to expand capacity expansion capabilities with Ethernet
- Products consist of modular XP / CP Series and integrated BP Series, Remote I / O

    1. Modular XP / XP Series

    large-scale system support model to support the High-speed, large, floating point arithmetic, PLC System Redundancy, Network redundancy, etc.

    2. Modular XP / CP Series

    A model suitable for medium-sized systems that provide a wealth of Network Solutions in a space-saving compact PLC.

    3. Modular XP / S Series

    Control panel replace-corresponding model is that Provides best-in-class throughput and supports Ethernet communications.

    4. Remote IO-RIO Series

    Remote I / O model is governing the various control devices and located at the terminal of the general-purpose fieldbus such as Profi bus, etc.