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Mechanical Equipment

Machinery construction

To provide a cleaner environment and give life to architectural structures and production sites, and this is the machinery construction.

The machinery construction is available for the water supply, hot water, cooling and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, automatic control, such as clean room facilities when compared to the human digestive system, circulatory organs, respiratory organs the facility. In particular, the machinery construction of the intelligent building is air-conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage sanitation, air conditioning salbi, district heating plants, gas plants, plant equipment, pollution control equipment, automatic control equipment, ventilation equipment, etc. All equipment is state-of-the-art technology so complex operations in It requires..

Direction machinery construction

    Operating cost Reduction
  • The machinery construction is a facility that uses the energy of the heating, cooling and ventilation. This is the perfect construction of the hardware necessary to reduce your operating costs.
    Life cycle consideration
  • Since shorter than the life cycle of the machinery construction (about 10-15) is the life cycle of building structures (about 50 years), this is a hardware facility that can reduce the Life Cycle Cost essential to enhance the intrinsic value of the building.
  • The life of the various equipment installations of buildings tender (about 15 years) arrives or exceeds the equipment (pump flow) and pipe flow plumbing installations (heating, hot water, chilled water piping, etc.) are occurs corrosive and sludge that harmful effects on the human body inside, which, if used life irrigation through the faucet can have a direct harm to public health. If you continue to use the old pipes it will also give inhibiting the apartment management to frequent pipe leakage and the resulting repair work accordingly.